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Inspired by the earrings worn by Sailor Pluto in the manga and anime show Sailor Moon!

Available HERE!

Labyrinth Section of the Nerdy Designer (now with complete masquerade Sarah cosplay items, Jareth Masquerade Brooch and much much more!)

Sailor Moon Section of the Nerdy Designer (Lots of Sailor Scout earrings and the Sailor Moon Silver Crystal necklace)

Phantom of the Opera Section of the Nerdy Designer (movie-inspired ‘Think of Me’ star earrings, Sisi Star Hair Pins!)

Disney Section of the Nerdy Designer (Beauty and the Beast mirror, Frozen stuff galore!)

Sale/Damaged section of the Nerdy Designer!

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Sailor scouts are donnnnnnnnnnneeeee!!!!!! Omfg!!!!! Winter soldier and tuxedo mask are the only ones left. Will probably have to do those at the con. For the rest of the night I will work on some original plushies will post my spot in the aa tomorrow!

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